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2017-09-22: The Crystal Ball: What’s Up Next

What’s up next for U2? The third leg of the tour is winding to an end today in San Diego. The next leg starts and runs from October 3 until October 25 in Mexico and South America.

Occasionally we like to step back and share some of the bits and pieces we hear along the way. As with anything U2 related, dates can change and these should all be taken as rumour until such time that they...

2017-09-15: U2 Contributing to T. Rex Tribute Album

On Thursday, September 14, The Edge was interviewed on The Hamish and Andy show. Starting out that interview, they asked The Edge what he was up to, and he responded:

“I am outside a recording studio in New Orleans, we’re in the middle of recording a track for a friend who’s putting a T.Rex tribute record together. It’s sounding great.”

T. Rex was a band formed in the late 1960s by...

2017-09-12: The Joshua Tree Tour Poetry

U2 is using poetry on their latest tour, The Joshua Tree 2017, to add an element to the production while attendees wait. Before and after the opening acts appear on stage, the lights are lit and we see projections of words on the screen to the right of the screen. The inclusion of these poems were tipped ahead of the show when news that Parliament of Canada’s Poet Laureate George Elliott...

2017-09-11: You’re The Best Thing Charts

“You’re the Best Thing” was released on September 6th, 2017, at 8am EST to radio and digital storefronts. That means this week it starts to show up in official chart tallies.

A word of warning before looking at these. The Billboard chart week in the USA runs from Friday to Thursday PM, which is why most singles are released on Friday. Releasing it Friday at the start of the day maximizes...

2017-09-10: New Songs of Experience

Bono, Adam Clayton and The Edge did at least two dozen interviews to promote the single “You’re The Best Thing About Me” over the last week. We’ve taken a look at these interviews throughout the last couple of days. First up we looked at the discussion of the release date of the new album, Songs of Experience. Then we looked at The Edge’s comments about the last minute finishes on the song...

2017-09-09: Last Minute Changes to “You’re The Best Thing About Me”

“You’re the Best Thing About Me” has been released this week, and we are taking some time to look back at the radio promotion that Adam Clayton, Bono and The Edge did in regards to the single this week. Yesterday we took a look at what Bono and the Edge said about the release date of the album. Today we are taking a look at one topic that The Edge in particular has discussed in these...

2017-09-08: Songs of Experience Release Date

One question we still have after the promotional push of “You’re The Best Thing About Me” is when is the album, Songs of Experience, being released? We were told the date would be December 1, 2017, way back in June and we shared that with you on June 4 with a small teaser image.

The day of the single release, an interview in the New York Times revealed that the date was currently set for...

2017-09-07: U2 on Fallon Tonight

U2 appear on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon this evening and while they were in New York they stopped at the Top of the Rock to take in the views:

2017-09-07: U2 Film Another Video for Songs of Experience?

Last night, U2 were out and about in New York City, and they had film cameras with them.

The band was spotted at a bar in Hell’s Kitchen called Blue Ruin, where one girl, elisey18 on Instagram said “Met Bono and we did a shot…” and later confirmed “they were shooting a music video at a bar called blue ruin and he came in and had a beer and a shot!” Another girl on instagram, zara_lyn_ also...

2017-09-05: Promotion of “You’re The Best Thing About Me”

With U2’s new single being released today, the band will be starting some promotion while on the road in the USA on the third leg of the Joshua Tree Tour. We will try to keep track of these items as they pop up below:

Wednesday September 6:

  • Single will be released by Interscope at 8am EST (See countdown on our main page) [Q104 in New York has confirmed they will play the single at that...

2017-09-04: The Luminous Icons of Ultra Violet: Leg Three

The third leg of The Joshua Tree Tour 2017 has begun, and like the two legs before it, “Ultra Violet” is featured in the show, and accompanying the song is a visual story, called “HERSTORY”. You can find information on leg one and leg two at the links below:

The visual piece that accompanies the song “Ultra Violet” is a set of photographs of...

2017-08-31: Songs of Experience Updates: September 1

“You’re The Best Thing About Me” Cover Image

Overnight the streaming service Tidal revealed the cover for “You’re The Best Thing About Me”. The cover features Edge’s daughter Sian on the cover, in a blue tinted image. She’s wearing the same helmet as in the prior picture of Sian and Bono’s son Eli that was shown during concerts on tour.