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2017-04-24: U2 Hits Hot 100 with Kendrick Lamar, Highest Charting Song Since “Vertigo”

Whether you liked the track “XXX” by Kendrick Lamar featuring U2, or not, there is no arguing that U2 have found a spot on the biggest album of 2017 to date appearing on Lamar’s album DAMN.

U2 have arrived back in the Billboard Hot 100 charts with their appearance on Kendrick Lamar’s “XXX”. The song charted at number 33 in the Hot 100 chart with an estimated weekly streaming count of 23.3...

2017-04-23: Limited Edition RSD Booklet - Two Versions!

Yesterday was Record Store Day. As expected, U2 released 7000 copies of a 12-Inch picture vinyl of “Red Hill Mining Town”. The release was done in conjunction with Record Store Day, an annual event celebrating the independent Record Store. The vinyl was only released in countries that participate in Record Store Day. The release was not numbered.

However, there was a limited edition...

2017-04-21: The Joshua Tree 30th Anniversary Edition Breakdown

Some news about the new boxed-set of The Joshua Tree, being released on June 2, 2017. The liner notes will contain Bill Flanagan’s essay about The Joshua Tree that had been included in the 20th anniversary edition released in 2007.

The Joshua Tree Remixes

  • There is additional new recording in “One Tree Hill (St Francis Hotel Remix)”. These were recorded by Andrea Lepori.
  • Jacknife Lee...

2017-04-21: Mapping Record Store Day

Record Store Day is officially here. Today, U2’s single “Red Hill Mining Town” was issued worldwide for Record Store Day. The single contains the same new version of the song on the A-Side and B-Side of the vinyl. A special insert was produced for the UK market, an 8 page booklet which is approximately 12-inches high and 8.5-inches wide. The booklet includes quotes from Dave Fanning, an...

2017-04-20: Here’s The Story Behind That Kendrick Lamar And U2 Song

Mike Will Made-It, who produced “XXX,” explains how he and Kendrick connected with Bono: Jimmy Iovine. “Jimmy might have anybody around.”

When you hang out with Jimmy Iovine for long enough, sooner or later you get to meet Bono.

At least that’s how Mike Will Made-It makes it sound. Speaking with BuzzFeed News on Thursday, the super-producer described how the U2 frontman might have ended...

2017-04-18: U2 The Joshua Tree Tour 2017 Questions and Answers: Post Sale

General Questions

Last Updated: April 18, 2017

What is the configuration for the tour?

We have some hints of what is to be expected for the tour.

The stage map for Croke Park showed us that there will be a B-Stage that comes out into the crowd, and that it will be shaped like it is to allow for the Joshua Tree to be on the stage itself. Rolling Stone asked Willie Williams about...

2017-04-13: Demos from 1980

Back in the fall we took a look at U2’s earliest demo recordings.

Part One dealt with three recording sessions: April 1978 in Keystone Studios, November 1978 in Keystone Studios, and February 1979 in Eamon Andrews Studios.

Part Two dealt with additional sessions in August 1979 at Keystone Studios, December 1979 in Whitfield Street in London England, February 1980 in Windmill Lane...

2017-04-11: U2 to Feature on Kendrick Lamar Album, “Damn.”

Kendrick Lamar has confirmed the rumours we’ve seen the past few days, U2 will feature on his new album, Damn. which is being released this Friday. The album is being distributed on Aftermath / Interscope Records, and will be released with the catalog number B0026716-02.

The track will be produced by Atlanta based producer, Mike Will Made-It. Made-It was recently responsible for Beyonce’s...

2017-04-09: The History Mix: U2 and the 8-Track Cassette

IMAGE: Rattle and Hum on 8-Track (Front Cover, Collection of U2Songs.Com)

We have gotten some questions about our recent story on the different covers used for The Joshua Tree album, including a lot of interest in the appearance of a picture of The Joshua Tree on 8-Track Cassette. We hope to answer a few of those questions in this article, including looking at other U2 releases on 8-Track...

2017-04-08: HP40: The Hot Press Covers Exhibition

Walking in the National Photographic Archive in Temple Bar today, a U2 fan can’t but feel an overwhelming emotion of pride kicking in.

Hot Press magazine has been around for 40 years now, and has played a major part in U2’s career.
Brought to life by Niall Stokes, a fan and supporter of U2 from since before I was born, co-edited by Bill Graham, one of Ireland’s finest rock journalists, and...

2017-04-07: 22 Facts & Figures for 22 Years

Today it has been 22 years since we first uploaded a U2 site. Earlier today we published some questions and answers answered by some of the staff as a group, tonight I’m going to answer a few additional questions about the site which we were given. Below are 11 quick answer numerical questions, and 11 longer questions we were asked.

Questions were submitted by Paul Lunn, Tassoula E....

2017-04-07: A Celebration: Questions on 22 Years

On April 7, 1995, we uploaded the first version of the website which would eventually become U2Wanderer.Org and later ended up here at U2Songs.Com. The site has been continuously published, and updated throughout that time. And we believe we are the oldest website dedicated to U2 on the internet. As part of our birthday we decided to let some friends ask us some questions, and give you an...