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This section collects information about upcoming U2 releases, their status, and provide news links to updates about these projects. It will also detail information about other projects that the band are involved in such as solo projects, and other expected appearances. Below the updates on each project are links to news stories about upcoming projects where you can find more information about these releases.

Songs of Experience Album - U2 (2017)

  • A Christmas day video revealed that U2 are planning to release this album in 2017. There are reports that the album wrapped just before Christmas 2016.
  • Adam Clayton said in 2016, “The second half of the tour demands the album be ready by the autumn”. But we now know this target was not reached, and the album did not appear in 2016.
  • Recent information suggest the band are working with Steve Lillywhite in studio. We've taken a look at other possible producers here in The History Mix.
  • DJ Kygo played a song he claimed was a collaboration with U2 at a Festival in Norway. The song was called You’re The Best Thing (About Me)". It has been suggested this may be a single from the forthcoming album.
  • In September there may have been a further leak, as Morleigh included a song in the background of an instagram post which may have been U2's unreleased "Love Is All We Have Left" before it was quickly removed.
  • New song titles mentioned in the media include “Instrument Flying,” “The Little Things that Give You Away,” “Much More Better,” “Civilisation,” “Landlady,” “Red Flag Day,” “Get Out of Your Own Way,” “The Morning After Innocence”

Songs of Ascent Album - U2 (Unknown)

  • Bono has confirmed that Songs of Ascent still exists and may one day be released.
  • Daniel Lanois confirmed that although "Every Breaking Wave" was due to be on this album, the rest of the songs remain unreleased.

Waiting for the Miracle to Come Film (2017)

  • Bono has written a song for the movie, "Where the Shadows Fall" which Willie Nelson has recorded for the end of the film
  • Bono has recorded backing vocals on the track.
  • A release date for the film has not been announced, and was originally mentioned for release in 2016, but did not appear last year. Stay tuned to the film website for an announcement of the date.

U2 Album Collection on SHM-CD (Japan)

  • U2's album collection will be released in Japan on SHM-CD this summer.
  • The collection will feature all of U2's studio albums
  • The packaging will be in card sleeves to look like U2's original album releases.

Finding Home (Innocence + Experience Tour) Documentary - U2 (Not Scheduled)

  • When the initial annoucement was made that the Paris concert would be streamed on HBO there was also a tour documentary announced.
  • The documentary takes a look into the creation of U2’s wildly innovative and widely acclaimed iNNOCENCE + eXPERIENCE world tour, which began May 14 in Vancouver and currently runs through November. The special will detail how a show of this magnitude is conceived, revealing the blood, sweat and imagination that have gone into making iNNOCENCE + eXPERIENCE, the tour that would ultimately “reinvent the arena show,” according to Rolling Stone’s opening-night review.
  • Interviews in the documentary include all four members of U2 – Bono, The Edge, Adam Clayton and Larry Mullen Jr. – as well as the supporting cast of Willie Williams, who has created tour concepts for the band for more than 30 years, award-winning designer Es Devlin, newly signed on for this tour, production director Jake Berry, audio director Joe O’Herlihy, executive director Gavin Friday, set designer Ric Lipson and others who bring iNNOCENCE + eXPERIENCE to life around U2’s music, night after night.
  • The special also explores the challenges and setbacks U2 faced in the months before tour rehearsals began in April, including Bono’s serious bicycle accident in New York last fall, and his — and the band’s — hard road getting back into “fighting shape” for their triumphant return with iNNOCENCE + eXPERIENCE. This exclusive documentary chronicles in detail how these same four friends, who started out as a humble punk band from the Northside of Dublin more than 30 years ago, continue to create magic nightly with the most grandiose, yet most intimate, arena tour ever staged.
  • The documentary is being directed by Davis Guggenheim, who was behind "It Might Get Loud" and "From the Sky Down" and it is tentatively being called "Finding Home"
  • Fans were interviewed for this documentary at various locations throughout 2015
  • HBO told atu2.com that "The one-hour documentary, initially planned for Nov. 7th, is still in development. U2, HBO and Davis Guggenheim look forward to revealing more information about the documentary in the near future."

Unknown Collaboration between Bono and DJ Khaled (2016)

  • DJ Khaled revealed on Snapchat that he was working on a "movie" with Bono.
  • The other "movie" Khaled worked on that day was for a non profit foundatation called Get Schooled, so this may be for one of Bono's projects like (RED).
  • DJ Khaled did feature on the (RED) Special on Jimmy Kimmel in December 2016.

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