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Last Updated 2022-04-05

U2Songs.com was initially uploaded to the internet on April 7, 1995. Though the site has moved and changed locations over the years (most recently at U2Wanderer.org from 2000 – 2015) the site has been in continual operation since 1995. This site has been referenced by Rolling Stone, Entertainment Weekly, RTÉ Television, The Irish Independent, Hot Press Magazine, BBC, DJs on SiriusXM radio and other publications.


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When Rattle and Hum was released a book accompanying the film had a discography at the back. As time went on, and more singles were released, Aaron J. Sams started keeping a handwritten discography. In 1991, this list was shared on U2-List for the first time. In January 1995, as part of a University class project, Aaron started working on a website focused on U2. That early site was basically a list of his collection, and a want list of U2 items. Rather than turn in the project on disc as had been suggested, Aaron found free space at Ohio State University and uploaded the site to the Internet on April 7, 1995.

The page went through a number of phases, first a list of collectors resources, later a focus on PopMart, and also a collection of links. The basis of the current discography was started in 1998. The site was hosted on a succession of free websites and personal accounts until August 1999 when we found a home at U2.org, and first adopted the name “The Wanderer” for the discography site.

In August 2000 the site moved to its own domain at U2Wanderer.org, and Carl Uebelhart joined the team as co-webmaster, overseeing the lyrics and calendar, and it was Carl who developed the current site from the ground up. Other current members of the team signed up for work on the site. Brad Hood works on news, discography, and management of the site’s Twitter account. Don Morgan helps with news, editing and feature articles as well as assisting with the Facebook site. Harry Kantas helps with the day to day management of the site, and currently acts as our technical guru. George Dias works on the songs section of the site as well as research for the discography. Our newest team member, Nicole Ford, joined us at the end of 2020 and assists with the new show archive, after working with Aaron for 15 years on other U2 projects. All of the team are involved in the day to day generation of stories, news gathering and writing.

Although now retired, we’d like to recognize the help given to us over the years by Graham Knap, Wes Holland, and Mike Long. Graham was the first editor for the site, Wes worked on our collectibles section, and Mike built the current lyrics archive into what it is today. Sadly, we lost Mike in 2021. We miss him, and all the times spent working on the page together.

We registered U2Songs.com and U2Disco.com in 2002 with thoughts of splitting the site. Recognizing that U2Wanderer.org needed a massive upgrade to continue functioning, Carl, Mike and Aaron started work on building a new site. Over five years we developed the new site, upgrading several features, rewriting all of the discography, and researching all of the entries again. Significant new content was added. U2Songs.com was relaunched in 2015 the same week we were named Fan Site of the Week by U2.Com. The focus of the work on the discography and lyrics has always been the songs. We felt that the new name was a great way to recognize that the new site wasn’t just a continuation of what came before, but was also a huge step in a new direction.

The initial launch saw us launch with the basics we had maintained at U2Wanderer.org. Since that time we have dedicated sections dedicated to U2’s live shows, a this day in history section, a section dedicated to U2’s promotional videos for songs, and a look at U2’s demos and the titles that haven’t become songs. The discography has been expanded to include a list of unreleased remixes, separate sections for fan club releases and Record Store Day releases and more. The lyrics section has been upgraded to allow you to search by different categories of songs, and many lyrics entries now have the songs (legally!) embedded, word maps and more. We are continuing to develop the site behind the scenes and have a number of other sections which will be launched in the near future.

In 2022, the team at U2Songs.com contributed to Record Collector Magazine Presents U2, a special issue of the long time collectors magazine focused on U2. The issue also made extensive use of scans from the collections of the U2Songs.com team.

The upcoming year will see the launch of several new features and we have a few amazing announcements around the corner. We hope you find what you are looking for. Thank you for your support since the site first went online in 1995.


  • Aaron J. Sams
  • Brad Hood
  • Carl Uebelhart
  • Don Morgan
  • George Dias
  • Harry Kantas
  • Nicole Ford


We’d like to extend a thank you to everyone who has contributed to U2Songs since the relaunch at the end of 2015. Your assistance is greatly appreciated. We’ve been keeping a list, and we will at some point get it together to put here. But we would like to express a big thank you to Cindy Rosenblum, Tim Cunningham, Christopher Jenkins, and Josh Fuller, who have contributed articles to the site since the relaunch.

A few others have supported us over the years. Paul Anderson allowed us to leave the free websites behind, and move to our first real home at U2.org. Stefanie Bowen has long contributed her thoughts, and encouragement. Dan Vitale and Joshua Worrill have both assisted over the years, and have provided continued friendship to the team over the years. Lisa DeRoche was the one who said go for it when we were contemplating our first domain, and has always been there when we need a push towards our dreams. Kim Tucker, has been part of many of the adventures the team has taken, and pinch hits when we need an extra team member. And we’d also like to thank the family of all of the team members here who put up with our U2 craziness.

Note: The thank you notes below were originally published at U2Wanderer.org we are working on an updated list.

Peter Lenarcic, RD Mauzy, Patrice Bruhat, Caroline Van Oosten de Boer, Darci Chapman, Peter Hanning, Simon Thain, Phil Romans, Jay Wardlaw, Didi from u2tour.de, Brad (Eclipse in Miami), Peter Neff, Darek Pro, Albie Flanagan, Tom Fuke, Larry Crum, Peter J. May, Matthias, Janne Siivonen, Hans, Frank P., David Bouch, Tim Knauff, Ron Hannah, Scarth Vader, Amanda Gilligan, Familia Arambula, Klavier, Teresa Cook, Rob Wanenchak, Rajiv Udani, Nico, Patrick Turner, Joe Williams, Khushru Cooper, Eric Geringas, Alan Villalobos, Mana, Susana, “Familia Arambula”, “Pete the Chop”, Robert Forner, Lisa Larsen, Roars, Gary Chamberlain, Daveydave, Shawn Rocco, Hayley Coristine, Matthias M., Erik Bartlett, Deb Betz, Ray Gillespie, Declan and Calle, Karmen Krol, Kim Tucker, Cindy from U2Log.com, Roars, Lisa DeRoche, Kim Tucker, Prarit, Matt McGee, Taylor, Kevin Dolph, Triney Cox, Chris Wolf, David Greg Harth, Dan Eliot, Chris Wolf, Anthony, Carlos Nuñez, Kate Whyte, Herbert Alvarado, Matt Donner, Tom Fuke, Elizabeth Rose, and the Loopay one and anyone else we’ve missed.