"3 Minutes to Midnight" (1984)

Demo Song

Background Information

“3 Minutes to Midnight” was a song U2 worked on for The Unforgettable Fire album.

In 2003, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, OH celebrated U2 with an exhibit focusing on the band. As part of that exhibit, notebooks identified as being Brian Eno’s were on display. However, we believe these may have actually been notebooks kept by Daniel Lanois after reading his autobiography, Soul Mining.

Regardless of who wrote in the notebook that was on display, on one page pertaining to the album The Unforgettable Fire, a number of songs are documented. Some have information beyond just the title, but others are just listed with a name. “3 Minutes to Midnight” is listed on that page with nothing more than the title. As far as we are aware this is the only reference to that particular demo over the years, and it has not been linked to another developed song.

The song was not included on the 2009 release of a remastered The Unforgettable Fire album.

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