"69" (1991)

Demo Song

Background Information

“69” is a working title of a song developed for Achtung Baby.

In issue 19 of Propaganda, there was an article titled, “1000 Days of Zoo TV Part One” which published the diaries of Willie Williams. In an entry dated March 17, 1991, he speaks about meeting with U2 to start planning the next tour, which would become the Zoo TV tour, and gives a couple of new titles including “69”:

Dublin. Being here after so long away does have that “strange yet familiar” quality. I’m over for a few informal meetings with the band, to start head-scratching about how to present U2 live this time round. Really great to see everyone again, and being St Patrick’s Day everyone was in party-mode, which was fun. The new material is quite extraordinary and another departure. If “God Part II” was the exit ramp, then this stuff is a thousand miles further down that particular freeway of noise. Favourite tracks were called “Ultraviolet” and “69”.

U2’s song “Lady With the Spinning Head” contains the lyric, “Figure of eight / Six and nine again” so this may have been an early working title for that song.

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