"Arachne's Theme" (2010)

Demo Song

Background Information

“Arachne’s Theme” is one of the songs by Bono and The Edge developed for the musical, “Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark.” Bono at one point in late 2009 spoke about possibly recording the Spider-Man music with U2, “If we’re going to do another rock record, I want to do Spider-Man,” he said. “I just haven’t talked Adam and Larry into that.” Thankfully that threat didn’t come to pass, however, someday it may.

“Ugly Pageant” is a song title mentioned by Glen Berger in his book The Song of Spider-Man. But no song by that title appeared in the performances as they developed in front of a live audience, so it is possible that this became another song. It also did not appear on the cast recording. “Ugly Pageant” and “Black Widows On the Town” were also both mentioned in the book but have not appeared in the play.

At this point it is unlikely that U2 will revisit the Spider-Man music.

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