"City of Burning Lights" (2004)

Demo Song

Background Information

In Q Magazine’s August 2004 issue, they checked in with U2 in the studio in the article “In the Studio: Exchanging Creative Juices With U2”.

Bono is interviewed and gives an update on progress:

The record — working title Vertigo, though that could well change — runs to a taut 11 tracks, and will now appear on 22 November. Picking up where 2000’s All That You Can’t Leave Behind left off, it’s unashamedly vintage U2 in both tone (widescreen, anthemic) and execution (the Edge’s guitar hasn’t sounded so, well, Edge-like since The Joshua Tree). And as with the last album’s “Beautiful Day,” it’ll be launched with a blockbuster single — namely the powerchord stomp of “Vertigo” itself.

There is also a list of songs that are underway including the song “City of Burning Lights”, which we assume became “City of Blinding Lights” by the time of release. Other songs mentioned included “Vertigo,” “Sometimes You Can’t Make It On Your Own,” “Man & a Woman,” “Yaweh,” and “Crumbs From Your Table”

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