"Everywhere I Go" (2000)

Demo Song

Background Information

“Everywhere I Go” was a song developed for 2000’s All That You Can’t Leave Behind.

In the alternate video for “Beautiful Day” filmed in Eze and Dublin’s Hanover Quay studio, that appears on the 18 Videos release, we get to see a bit of a white board listing some songs worked on during the All That You Can’t Leave Behind sessions. On that white board we see “Home” (an early version of “Walk On”), above that is “Beautiful Day (Always)” with notes saying to “add shine gtr” and “fix tamb.”, and above that is “NY / Snow is Falling” (perhaps “New York” had an alternate set of lyrics?)

But that is all we see in the commercially released video. However on U2.com in the lead up to the release of the album, a short EPK video for the album was located on the site which shows the same whiteboard, however we get to see more of it. Above “NY / Snow is Falling” is “Kite (Stuck)”, above that is “Elevation (Busy Bee)”, above that is “Stuck in a Moment”, and the last title we see before the camera pans away is “Original of the Species (Everywhere I Go)”.

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