"Fez - Being Born" (2008)

Demo Song

Background Information

“Fez – Being Born” is a song that was released on No Line on the Horizon in 2009.

In January 2008, Anthony Breznican interviewed Bono and The Edge for USA Today, while they were promoting U2:3D at the Sundance Film Festival. During that interview Bono discussed the song “No Line on the Horizon”. Breznican also listened to another song during the interview, which he posted about in his Sundance blog, and didn’t cover in the paper:

Bono looks back at the guitarist and says, “Edge — look, it’s 6 o’clock,” and the two look from the green digits on the stereo to each other. Bono explains that numbers are significant in each of the new songs, and slips in another CD that may be the first track on the album. It’s opening lyric is, “It’s six o’clock…”

I said, “Isn’t it weird how certain numbers seem to turn up in our lives? It seems like this kind of thing is especially common kind of game with musical people, who must make numbers and patterns a part of their art.” “Yeah, we like numbers,” Bono says.

Some friends of mine in a Pittsburgh band called Race the Ghost have that thing with 316, which would pop up with all of us at strange times — the address of a party, part of an important phone number, the title of a Van Halen song, the row and seat number at a concert…

“Three-sixteen?” Bono says, turning down the music to ponder it. For a moment I think he’s going to dismiss the phenomenon. Then he jerks his head toward the guitarist and says knowingly: “Edge’s is 42.”

“I discovered recently that it is actually the secret number of the universe,” The Edge says.

“What is it?” Bono asks, and The Edge repeats himself. Bono feigns concern and says, “Steady on, The Edge…”

“Why is that funny? Quite honestly…” The Edge replies. He’s so stoic it’s hard to tell if he’s joking — but he’s joking. “It was in The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy…But scientists have recently discovered that it’s actually true…”

The Edge’s voice is then drowned out as Bono blasts the volume on his jangling guitar intro, just in time for the “six o’clock” lyric. Bono sings along with himself for a moment, then turns the sound down again and looks back at the guitarist and smiles sarcastically: “Say it again…Sorry, Edge, for interrupting you, oh master of the universe.”

The song was not identified by name at the time of the interview.

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