"Firefly" (2004)

Demo Song

Background Information

“Firefly” was first mentioned as a title in a review of “How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb” published by the U2Log.Com team. In that review Caroline had the following to say:

“City of Blinding Lights: ‘Big’ music makes a comeback. This tune was first mentioned to us as ‘Skyhawk’. Since then it apparently got re-titled ‘Firefly’ (Joss Whedon wouldn’t have liked that.) and it finally comes to us with yet another name. It doesn’t matter what it’s called, really, as this is one people will remember regardless. Vintage U2 grandeur with a touch of sean-nos meandering, a driving beat and, god help me, I hear a bit of the Simple Minds in it. I should hate it, but I can’t help but like it a lot.”

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