"For Your Love" (2007)

Demo Song

Background Information

“For Your Love” is a working title for the song “Stand Up Comedy,” released on No Line on the Horizon in 2009.

In an interview with the Moroccan newspaper, TelQuel in June 2007, some song titles were revealed from the whiteboard present in the working studio. One of these titles was “One Bird” and one of them was “For Your Love”. And in September 2008, in a phone interview with Q Magazine, The Edge described this song as “one of his best-ever riffs”.

The song eventually became “Stand Up” and later “Stand Up Comedy” on the album. In February 2009, the Guardian published an article by reporter Sean O’Hagan, who had access to U2 at a number of times throughout the recording. In that article he talks about one visit in early December 2008 to a recording studio in London:

The Edge and Lillywhite are working on a single verse of a song called Stand Up Comedy. They have been working on the verse for hours, the song for 16 months – since Fez, in fact, when it was called For Your Love – but something is still not right. Lillywhite, a man possessed of seemingly endless reserves of effervescence, is hunched over a vast mixing desk, doing whatever it is producers do with sound levels, textures, equalisers.

“OK, let’s try it one more time,” he says, spinning around on his chair and signalling to Bono, who stands up and reaches for a cordless microphone. Lillywhite flicks a switch on the console and a thunderous guitar riff explodes out of the studio speakers. “Stand up, step out on the wire…” howls Bono, his face contorted with passion or, perhaps, pure frustration.

“For Your Love” was also seen on a white board photo of songs in progress in the book / magazine release of “No Line on the Horizon”.

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