"Get On Your Boots" (2008)

Demo Song

Background Information

“Get On Your Boots” is a song that was released on No Line on the Horizon.

In a September 2008 issue of Q Magazine, Tom Doyle spoke to The Edge about the progress of the new album including news about this song:

As if to spotlight the pace with which U2 are close to completing their as-yet-untitled 12th album, Q’s phone call to Edge is delayed by half an hour while he lays down an acoustic guitar overdub at the quartet’s Dublin studio on a new song called “Get On Your Boots.”

“Then we can put the mix to bed,” the guitarist sighs with satisfaction. So this album is being completed as we speak? “Yeah. It’s happening live in real time. It’s totally frantic.”

In the article “Get On Your Boots” was also described as “Eddie Cochran with barbershop harmonies”.

More information about the song is available in the discography entry for the single.

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