"Grunge Beatstorm Gate" (2008)

Demo Song

Background Information

“Grunge Beatstorm Gate” was a title of a loop developed during the recording sessions for No Line on the Horizon.

In the article “U2: Hymns for the Future“ by Brian Hiatt in Rolling Stone Magazine, the band provides some insight into the album No Line on the Horizon, as well as song songs that will be used for the next album:

“Winter” didn’t make it, but another ballad, “White as Snow,” came in at the last minute. And Eno is all over the record — the squiggly synth sounds are his, and many of the songs had their seed in the atmospheric loops he records using the program Logic Studio, giving them titles such as “Grunge Beatstorm Gate.” “You can hear Brian in the sort of Germanic krautrock feel of the title track,” says Clayton. “You can hear his brain there.”

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