"Hymn to Mr Universe" (1996)

Demo Song

Background Information

“Hymn to Mr Universe” was a song developed for 1997’s Pop album.

In U2 by U2 Bono discusses a number of the tracks from Pop and their origins, including “The Playboy Mansion”:

So many of the songs on Pop are almost but not quite there. “The Playboy Mansion” was originally called “Hymn to Mr Universe,” It was supposed to be a Pop Art anthem but its contemporary references work against it. Jokes about Michael Jackson and OJ Simpson just aren’t funny any more.

In Niall Stokes book, “The Stories Behind Every U2 Song” he reveals, “It started life as ‘Hymn to Mr Universe,” beginning with a jam, back in the early stages of making the record. It popped out and everyone felt confident about it — so much so that it was one of the last tracks completed.”

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