"Lost on a Distant Planet" (1979)

Demo Song

Background Information

“Lost on a Distant Planet” is a name for a song that U2 worked on in 1979, and recorded for their third recording session. We believe the name “Judith” to be incorrect for this song and given to the song by a third party. The song has been referred to officially by three names, “The Magic Carpet” and “No Man’s Land”, and “Life On A Distant Planet”.

Bono calls the song by the title “The Magic Carpet” when introducing it in concert, most notably in February 1980 when playing it at the National Stadium in Dublin. Adam Clayton refers to the song in U2 by U2 under the title “Life on a Distant Planet.” Bono did have a song by the name “No Man’s Land” in his notes that were stolen in 1981.

We have taken an in depth look at U2’s pre-Island Records demo sessions in two parts. Part One dealt with 1978 – February 1979. Part Two dealt with the latter part of 1979 until early 1980. This song is discussed in Part One, as well in the demos section under “Life On a Distant Planet” and “The Magic Carpet”.

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