"Slow Dancing" (1993)

Demo Song

Background Information

In Bill Flanagan’s book U2 At the End of the World, Flanagan spent time with U2 while they were in the studio working on the Zooropa album.

While working on “Stay”, originally titled “Sinatra” talk turned to a song Bono had written for Sinatra, and later to a song that Bono had written for Willie Nelson, “Slow Dancing.” Bono sings the song at Flanagan’s request.

When Bono finishes I say, “Wouldn’t that sound great coming out of all those Eno-esque vibes and distorted structures.” “That’s a great idea,” Bono says, then he addresses Flood: “You want to record it?” Flood says, “You think I didn’t?” He points to the vocal microphone lying in front of Bono and then to the recording console. Bono does it once more, his guitar in his lap and his lips brushing the microphone.

Later in the book the song is revealed to Eno, Edge, Larry and Adam:

“What do you think?” Bono asks. “I like it,” Eno says, “but I’m afraid it will be a big hit. We must tamper with it somehow to prevent that.”

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