"Songs of Innocence and Experience" (1992)

Demo Song

Background Information

“Songs of Innocence and Experience” is a song that Bono had developed for the Zooropa album.

In a 1992 interview with NME Magazine, Bono discusses one of the songs that he’s been working on:

I’ve just written a song for our next record called “Songs of Innocence and Experience,” after reading Blake. But there are so many contradictions in rock ‘n’ roll; you’re making the most personal music, and yet it’s played through the biggest PA system you can find, and the loudest amplifiers, and it goes out on radio programmes around the world. It’s literally a public address system. It’s private and so public.

The interview is after the release of Achtung Baby, and likely when they are working on the development of Zooropa. Of course years later in 2014 the band released the album Songs of Innocence, and in 2017 released Songs of Experience.

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