"Sparky's Left the Planet" (1993)

Demo Song

Background Information

In April 1993 BP Fallon spoke with Bono via phone, and recorded his conversation in his book, Faraway So Close. The band, in the middle of a recording session for Zooropa was working on new songs, which are discussed in the phone conversation:

The song ‘Babyface’ you’ll like it, it’s sorta throwaway but not quite. This other one we’re working on, “Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me,’ it’s about being in a rock ‘n’ roll band I suppose, being a star, whatever that is. It goes, let me see, what’s the opening line: ‘You don’t know where you took it, you just know what you got’. I’m just working on the clues.

‘Wake Up Dead Man’, instrumentally it’s quite a Gothic piece, very powerful playing from Edge and I really love the bass on it.

There’s another song called “Lemon”, a throwaway groove but a great groove…Adam is playing with a great deal of swagger and very very much in the pocket and on with Larry. Adam yeah, he’s answering to the name Sparky at the moment. There’s even a song called “Sparky’s Left the Planet”.

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