"Squidgy" (1993)

Demo Song

Background Information

In Bill Flanagan’s book, U2 At the End of the World there is a passage where U2 are in the studio playing with a new track while developing Zooropa. Flanagan describes the track as a slippery jam. And the band is getting ready to add the name to the whiteboard where they track the songs they are working on. Bono suggests “Slidey” for a title, but Brian Eno adds “Squidgy!” Bono and the Edge agree, and the Edge writes down Squidgy which is the pet name that Princess Diana had been called by her alleged lover.

The idea quickly turns into a bigger idea, involving getting the dialogue between Diana and her boyfriend, recorded by actors, to be the vocal over top of the track. Perhaps we’re lucky this one didn’t make it off the drawing board.

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