"The Lies That We Believe" (2015)

Demo Song

Background Information

The Edge spoke about this during an interview with Dave Fanning which aired December 16, 2017. The song was identified as a song that had started with Danger Mouse for the Songs of Innocence album, and later grew into a new song, “Red Flag Day” which was released on Songs of Experience.

About the song Edge said:

That song had an interesting journey because I was working on a tune called “The Lies that We Believe” which didn’t go anywhere. Then I came into the studio on the last record, and Larry was playing this really cool drum beat. So I walked in and thought ok, i’ll try this other song over this beat. It started off, became this pretty cool tune with Danger Mouse, but it didn’t go on the album. Primarily because, it turned out it didn’t have a kind of vitality. It was kind of a little mid-tempo. A little snoozy. So we had a look at it again on this record, totally changed the beat, totally changed the attitude. Guitar part is the same, but everything around it is totally different. Now it’s got this incredible vitality, this life force, it’s like something from 1978.

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