"The Poison Glen" (1986)

Demo Song

Background Information

“The Poison Glen” was a working title developed while recording The Joshua Tree.

In the January 1986 issue of Smash Hits magazine, there is a feature on the Clannad / Bono collaboration “In a Lifetime,” in which the magazine interviews Bono on the set of the video shoot. In the article Bono speaks about one of the locations shooting took place:

“I think the next few days are going to be a little bit special,” he reveals in the pub over a hot whisky. “The place we’re heading for is a magical place. I’ve been there once before and it really left an impression. It’s like a different world. One place we’re going to film is this glen, the Poison Glen. English soldiers were killed there drinking water out of a stream that had been poisoned. The place just reeks of history and folklore.” In fact it left such an impression he’s just written a song called “The Poison Glen” for the next U2 LP.

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