"The TV Song" (1977)

Demo Song

Background Information

“The TV Song” was likely one of U2’s earliest songs.

In U2 by U2, the band talk of their early performance at the Limerick Talent Showcase, which the band would win. The contest was held March 18, 1978, and the band would play three songs on the night of the 18th, “Street Mission,” “Life on a Distant Planet,” and “The TV Song”:

Edge: I think we played three of our songs. All like three minutes, really simple stuff.

Larry: We did ‘Street Mission’ and a couple of others.

Adam: I think we did ‘Life on a Distant Planet’ and something called ‘The TV Song,’ so named because it sounded a bit like the band Television. It was kind of a melodic, mid-tempo thing whose chief appeal was that we could actually get to the end.

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