U2: To Love and Only Love Digital Collection

2024 Singles Collection

Announced on April 5, 2024, U2 is putting together a 12-piece digital collection of singles being issued to major digital storefronts and streaming services worldwide. This is part of a continued effort to bring their musical discography onto streaming services.

In the announcement it was shared, "While the U2 catalogue already glitters like a disco ball in the dance hall of on-line streaming, some of the re-mixes and live versions from collections released before the digital era haven't yet made it online… until now! Re-mix and live treasures abound from the physical world of vinyl, CD and cassette singles and now 12 newly remastered single collections are set to be released across this year."

The first release at the time of the announcement was a new remastered version of "Discothèque", However, an associated playlist on Spotify includes the 2023 releases of "Lemon" and "Stay (Faraway, So Close!)" as part of the playlist.

The To Love and Only Love Releases

Links take you to the discography entry for the original single, as well as the newly released versions.

"To Love and Only Love" Playlists

Spotify and YouTube both have "To Love and Only Love" PlayList collections. The playlists launched on April 6, 2024. They can be visited at the links below:

Previous Releases

Links take you to the discography entry for the original single, as well as the newly released versions. These singles were reissued prior to the "To Love and Only Love" collection being announced and are not part of the Spotify playlist at this time.

Related Merchandise

The first formal release in the "To Love and Only Love Collection" included a limited edition T-shirt to accompany the release of the "Discothèque" single. It is only available for a week via U2.com. As items are offered we will track them below.

  • 2024-04-05 "Discothèque" T-Shirt (Available for one week)

  • 2024-04-19 "Staring at the Sun" T-Shirt (Available for one week)

Related "To Love and Only Love" Videos

As items are released, any accompanying videos uploaded to YouTube will be listed below with a link to the video.

Recent Online U2 Projects

Since 2020 U2 have been working on their online offerings. This has included additional offerings to streaming services, as well as special events like "The Virtual Road" and a refresh of the video offerings on YouTube as well as iTunes. Below we include some links to these types of projects.

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