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2024-02-23: U2:UV: Three in February

I’ve just returned from a second trip to Las Vegas to see U2:UV. While away, time was limited, and we are playing a bit of catch up on our write ups for those three shows. The good news is we’re ready to publish those, and they are included below.

But I’d like to take a few moments to share my thanks for the week I just had in Las Vegas. So many fans have come up to me to say hello...

2024-02-10: Merchandise at Sphere and Zoo Station (2024)

Originally Published: 2024-01-25
Last Updated: 2024-02-10


For the 2023 listing of Merchandise, please see our earlier news article. We will try to update here for 2024 to keep things a little cleaner.

Merchandise for U2’s 40 shows at Sphere are being sold in two locations. There are merchandise shops throughout Sphere on show days, including an outdoor tent, which opens at...

2024-02-02: Crystal Ball: Filming Sphere, New Single and More

NOTE: This article contains information about upcoming projects that have not been officially announced. Although we do our best to present accurate information by confirming information with multiple sources, until such time that projects are officially announced they should be considered rumour.

U2’s time at Sphere in Las Vegas is quickly wrapping up. 28 shows down and 12 to go. After...

2024-01-28: U2 to Perform on Grammy Awards Broadcast

Please note that the following article contains information that some may consider a spoiler.

Announced a few days ago, U2 will be performing on this year’s Grammy broadcast, in a performance taped from Sphere in Las Vegas.

The press release from the Grammys shared:

“U2 have been announced as performers at the 2024 GRAMMYs where they will deliver the first-ever broadcast performance...

2024-01-26: Achtung Baby in Dolby Atmos at Zoo Station

Although the U2 shows at Sphere start again tonight, its a new remaster of Achtung Baby that has fans talking. Due to be released today, January 26, both Apple Music and Amazon Music released the album early. Other streaming services will be releasing the album today. Yesterday, Zoo Station in Las Vegas offered a preview event of the new mix of the album in the Dolby Atmos theatre that is...

2024-01-23: New Remaster of Achtung Baby in Dolby Atmos Now!

Update: January 24, 2024

A pleasant surprise. It appears that the new Dolby Atmos remaster of Achtung Baby is already available on Apple Music in many countries. So if you have the technology to enjoy Atmos, you can start your listening a bit earlier than planned. The full album is available now in Apple Music streaming services, and we’ve confirmed it is showing up in Australia, USA,...

2024-01-12: A Look Inside The Complete Lyrics Vol 1

IMAGE: Front and Back Cover of Book

The 2023 gift from has started to show up in mailboxes. Reports yesterday from Europe saw many fans starting to appear. The gift included with the subscription price this year is a book of lyrics. It is part one of a two part set, with the second book being available with the 2024 subscription.

IMAGE: Interior of Book

The book is a hard...

2024-01-08: Announcing U2: Song by Song

I am happy to announce that I have written a book, U2: Song by Song, which will be published in 2024 by Fonthill Media. The book is part of Fonthill’s Song by Song collection, which features the songs of other artists ranging from Madonna to Rush.

IMAGE: Cover of U2: Song by Song by Aaron J. Sams

The content of the book is described as:

U2 formed in 1976 when Larry Mullen Jr., the...

2023-12-31: U2 2023 In Review

Each year we like to take a little look back at the year that has just passed, looking at the major releases from U2, their collaborators, and other related projects. 2023 has been a busy year with the final shows of Bono’s book tour, the release of Songs of Surrender and the new single “Atomic City” and the first twenty five shows at Sphere. We took a look at those Sphere shows earlier in...

2023-12-29: A Look Back at Sphere 2023

U2 are performing for forty nights in the desert. Tempted by Sin City. The desert flooding each of those forty nights. U2 have been the first live musical act in history to play the largest sphere in the world. At this point 25 of the shows are complete and there are 15 shows left to go. How are things going?

We know when the shows were first announced, there was a lot of negative reaction...

2023-12-15: U2 Add Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) at Sphere

2023-12-13: Merchandise at the Sphere and Zoo Station 2023

Originally Published: 2023-09-27
Last Updated: 2023-12-13

Merchandise for the shows at the Sphere includes T-shirts, jackets, mugs, water bottles, posters and more. It’s likely the biggest addition of U2 merchandise at one time to our catalog here at U2Songs. And each week there are plans to rotate some items, so what is available in the first few weeks, may not necessarily be what is...