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2018-12-04: Billboard End of the Year Charts, 2018

Billboard in the US does an annual wrap up of their charts each year. This is usually done in the first week of December and looks back over the previous year. When they did their wrap up for 2017, Songs of Experience hadn’t yet been released, and thus missed the wrap up for last year, but it, and several songs from the album have made the list for the wrap up of charts in 2018.


2018-11-28: U2eiTOUR Leg Two Pre-Show and Post-Show Songs

UPDATED: November 28, 2018

This article deals with the second leg of the U2eiTour. For leg one, please visit here.

With each tour we track the music by other artists that U2 use throughout the production, including the music used before, after and during the shows. The eXPERIENCE + iNNOCENCE tour is no different, and this article deals with the music we heard throughout the second leg...

2018-11-24: The History Mix: Record Store Day 2018

Record Store Day is an annual event that started in 2007. The initial event was held in late April on a Saturday each year. It was organized to bring together fans, artists, and the independent record stores around the world. Usually there are a number of exclusive records done specifically for the Record Store Day event.

A second day of the year is now host to a Record Store Day event, on...

2018-11-14: Ready For What’s Next

U2 finished the last date of their eXPERIENCE + iNNOCENCE tour yesterday. A number of fans are worried about what comes next. Is this the end? We here at firmly do not believe that it is the end of the band. The band has commented on the end of the tour and where it will leave them in a number of recent interviews, and we present a few highlights below that leave us thinking more...

2018-11-05: New Reissues on Coloured Vinyl: Zooropa and The Joshua Tree

Updated: November 23, 2018:

We’ve updated our article with a number of additional locations where the album can be purchased:

  • Belgium: FNAC is now taking orders for the albums (November 23, 2018 Release)
  • Canada: SunRise Records will be selling the albums in store on November 23, 2018.
  • France: FNAC is now taking orders for the albums (November 23, 2018 Release)
  • Germany: Saturn /...

2018-11-01: Bono writes song for Willie Nelson to Sing

A new song co-written by Bono, “Where the Shadows Fall,” is featured in the feature film Waiting for the Miracle to Come which premiered at the Austin Film Festival this week. The song, co-written by Bono and long-time collaborator Simon Carmody, features in the film, and is sung by Willie Nelson for the film. Bono also performs on the track singing backing vocals in the chorus of the song....

2018-10-27: New Music from U2 in 2019

There is new music coming from U2 in 2019. As we told you in September 2017, U2 have recorded a song for a T. Rex tribute album which will be released early next year according to a report in Variety. The T. Rex album is being compiled and produced by Hal Willner, a long time friend and sometimes collaborator with U2. The record will be released on BMG records next year.

The album is set...

2018-10-26: Rattle And Hum 30th Anniversary Showing

On October 26, 2018, U2 had a special small showing of Rattle And Hum at the Savoy Theatre in Dublin, Ireland. The original world premiere of the film was held at the Savoy Theatre on October 27, 1988, and U2 played an acoustic set to the fans gathered there. The film screening today was to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the premiere of the movie.

The showing started just after 7pm for...

2018-10-25: Summer of Love: Tweaka Turner Interview

U2’s “Summer of Love” is currently number 7 on the Billboard Dance Club Songs chart, and climbing. The song is being pushed up the chart by a series of remixes being created by DJs to enhance its club friendliness. One of the producers that has remixed “Summer of Love” is Tweaka Turner, who has taken the time out to answer a few questions for us on the project.

Tweaka’s mix was sent out...

2018-10-22: The History Mix: The Pet Shop Boys Cover “Streets”

In 1991, British synth pop duo Pet Shop Boys released “How Can You Expect to be Taken Seriously?” as the third single off their Behaviour album. But a second song, which did not appear on the album, was also added to the package: a cover of U2’s “Where the Streets Have No Name,” which was created as a medley with “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You,” the 1967 hit made famous by Frankie Valli. “How...

2018-10-19: Paul Oakenfold Remix of Love is All We Have Left

Paul Oakenfold is a name that should be familiar to U2 fans by now. He has worked with U2 on remixes of their songs going back to the 1990s. His first work appeared with remixes of “Mysterious Ways” and “Even Better Than the Real Thing” under the Perfecto name, and he’s tackled some of their biggest hits over the years.

And now he’s tackled another one of U2’s songs, first teasing, and...

2018-10-18: “Landlady” to Radio in Italy, No Commercial Release

Updated: October 21, 2018 (See Below)

A press release from Universal in Italy has confirmed that the song “Landlady” from Songs of Experience will be released to radio in Italy for
promotion. The song is being served digitally to radio stations in Italy and there will not be a physical promotional CD.

The song is already appearing on a small number of stations in that country including...