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2023-09-30: Show Music, Pre-Show, DJ Pauli the PSM, and More

Last night was the first night of U2’s 25 shows at the Las Vegas Sphere. For every tour, we like to track the music ahead of, during, and after the show. This set of shows is no different.

For those that would like to listen along to some of these as you read through, fire up Spotify, we have a play list built over there. We keep play lists and information about previous tours and special...

2023-09-29: “Atomic City” Releases Digital, Vinyl and CD

“Atomic City” has arrived. We’ve updated our resources throughout U2Songs to cover this single including the following:

The single was released after midnight in each region last night. (Although there were some delays in Asian and other Pacific countries.) Audio formats...

2023-09-28: Gavin Friday’s “Peter and the Wolf” Release Details

Updated Information (September 28, 2023):

We have some additional news about the upcoming Peter and the Wolf adaptation, airing this October on Max.

Bono has joined Gavin and Maurice Seezer in writing a new original song for the film. The song titled, “There is Nothing to be Afraid Of” will run over the end credits of the film. The song is performed by Gavin Friday with backing vocals by...

2023-09-27: Merchandise at the Sphere and Zoo Station

Merchandise Available At the Sphere

Merchandise available at merchandise booths at the Sphere:

  • Black Poster (Fly Letters – Coloured Letters on black Background) $30
  • U2:UV Poster (Bullseye Logo with U2:UV logo, with dates) $30
  • Baby with World Logo Tote (Black) $30
  • U2:UV Logo (Three Times Tote) (Black) $30

Clothing Available At the Sphere

  • White Unisex T-Shirt (U2:UV Logo...

2023-09-27: SPOILERS: Set List Update and Video Content

Things have been quiet on the rehearsal front haven’t they. The band have been rehearsing most evenings since starting just after Labour Day in Las Vegas. Prior to that rehearsals were taking place in Europe, both in Monaco and Dublin. We are told the band are well rehearsed, and ready to start these shows. Today is likely the final rehearsal before the show kicks off on Friday.


2023-09-24: Happy 47 Years U2!

Forty-seven years ago on September 25, 1976, a group of school kids got together in a kitchen in a house on the Northside of Dublin. Songs played are not confirmed, but the group did play that day. Mostly songs they were all familiar with and personal favourites. Of course that group would go on to be The Hype, later Feedback, and finally U2.

Happiest of anniversary wishes to our band!...

2023-09-23: Gavin Friday on the Sphere, Atomic City, and the Shows Opening this Week

Today during the “Dan Hegarty Show”, U2 X-Radio aired a 25-minute conversation between station host, Jenny Huston and Gavin Friday. Friday, the Creative Director for the upcoming shows at the Sphere was there to discuss the upcoming U2 shows, and to give some reports from inside the whole production. We’ve tried to keep this report as spoiler free as possible, and other than the mention of...

2023-09-23: Opening Act: Pauli The PSM Lovejoy

Pauli “The PSM” Lovejoy has been announced to be opening U2’s shows at The Sphere in Las Vegas. The announcement was made today on U2 X-Radio, by U2’s creative director Gavin Friday speaking to Jenny Huston on the station. The DJ will be taking the show ahead of U2 to spin music ahead of the main act.

Pauli is a UK based act, a drummer, musician and a model. In 2009 they started working...

2023-09-22: Zoo TV Cinema Titles, GA Lines, and other Updates

The Zoo TV Cinema is a special theatre being installed in the Zoo Station experience at the Venetian. Today they started taking reservations for the films, and have revealed a number of titles. The theatre opens on September 28th to the public, but films will be shown a day earlier for Subscribers.

Below are the titles showing on the first four days of access:

  • Surprise Content...

2023-09-20: Vibee Answers Questions

Vibee is the company which is selling packages for the current U2 dates at the Sphere. These include hotel and ticket packages, as well as a VIP experience which includes hotel and ticket and other perks. We have seen a lot of questions about Vibee on various discussion groups, and we were given a chance to ask Vibee directly about some of these, with the understanding that we would print...

2023-09-17: U2 Reveal New Song in Las Vegas Film Shoot

U2 played a new song last night in an impromptu concert and video shoot in Las Vegas. The song is called “Atomic City” which is an old nickname for Las Vegas. It was played multiple times for a crowd of people in Fremont Street.

A few video clips can be seen below courtesy of Vegas Best Ideas and John Katsilometes:

VIDEO: “Atomic City” twice and “I Still Haven’t Found”

2023-09-11: Spoilers: New U2 Music Ahead for 2023?

Please note, this story contains information about an unannounced recording. Until such time it is officially announced we report these as rumours, but we do endeavor to make sure there is some truth before publication, and wait until we have at least two independent sources. This article also may contain spoilers about upcoming performances. Please do not read any further if you are trying...