Blondie Meets U2

Original Story ( by Aaron J. Sams (2003-07-07)

In a 1999 interview with, Jimmy Destri along with the other original members of Blondie sat down and discussed their then new album, “No Exit.” Destri played keyboards in the band, and was one of the principle song writers. And during that interview he revealed some projects he had worked on after the band had split. During that interview he spoke about working with U2:

Right after Blondie broke up, I produced the first album for Danny Goldberg’s label, an album by Joey Wilson called “Going Up”. It was a big hit in Billboard and Joey went immediately into AA. Danny went on to become this big media mogel. Because of Joey Wilson I was invited to produce “War”, the U2 record with Steve Lillywhite.

Destri worked with the band in some early sessions for the “War” album, but none of the efforts would show up on “War” itself. He worked with the band in New York in March 1982, and they developed three songs. One is a song which has never been released except for bootleg recordings, called “Be There.” The other two tracks the band worked on would be revisited after the “War” album when the band was preparing “The Unforgettable Fire” and would become “Endless Deep” and a piano piece that would go on to form the beginning of “The Unforgettable Fire”.

In his resume, Destri lists the songs as “Producer Credits: U2 – ‘Being There’ single and various demos (Island)” as well as listing the year as 1981.

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