Box Office Data is In

Original Story by Aaron J Sams (2024-03-12)

The final box office numbers are in for #U2UVSphere in Las Vegas. U2 performed 40 shows in total at the venue and we’re able to report on the full attendance and ticket sales.

Box office data was reported in three lots to Pollstar, who track box office data for concerts worldwide.

The first run of shows started on September 29, and ran into November before U2 took a break for the F1 races.

Number of Shows: 17
Tickets sold: 280,717
Gross USD: 109,751,705
Venue Capacity: 16,513
Percent Sold: 100%
Average Price: $390.96

The second run of shows all happened in December after the F1 race, and before the band took a break for holidays.

Number of Shows: 8
Tickets sold: 132,693
Gross USD: 50,006,654
Venue Capacity: 16,586
Percent Sold: 100%
Average Price: $376.85

The third and final run of shows included 15 shows which started in January 2024, and ran until March 2, 2024. 

Number of Shows: 15
Tickets sold: 249,720
Gross USD: 84,720,544
Venue Capacity: 16,648
Percent Sold: 100%
Average Price: $340.00

That’s an impressive run when you add it all up:

Number of Shows: 40
Tickets sold: 663,130
Gross USD: 244,478,903
Venue Capacity: 16,579
Percent Sold: 100%
Average Price: $368.67

These numbers are independent of Platinum pricing. That is not included in the tallies, and instead, any ticket sold at Platinum pricing, is included here at the face value of the ticket. Likewise, VIP tickets are not listed at full price, and are only listed at the value of the ticket in the package, and not all of the extras including hotel.

Couple of things of note. The average price dropped with each set of shows. This is likely to some cheaper tickets offered for the 2024 shows in the form of a ticket offer for local Las Vegas students where tickets were offered at a rate of $25.

The capacity did increase with each set of shows. The first run of shows had the lowest capacity at 16,513 on average per show. The December shows increased capacity by 73 people. The final run in 2024, further increased things to 16,648 people, a total of 135 people per show on average from where the shows started in 2023.

At $244 million, the band now have the third biggest residency of all time, after Celine Dion’s “A New Day…” (2003-2007) and “Celine” (2011-2019) residencies, both of which were also held in Las Vegas. The big difference? U2 did it in 40 shows, where Celine did her numbers in 717 shows and then 427 shows.

All of the shows were marked as sold out at Pollstar. (Pollstar does list 16 shows in 2024, but the band only played 15 in that time.)

Also announced this week? Sounds like U2 will be streaming the final show on U2 X-Radio, this Sunday night, March 17, with a special one hour interview with the band ahead of the special. Interview airs at 7 Eastern with the Sphere special to follow at 8 Eastern.

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