Checklist: U2 The Joshua Tree Tour 2017

Original Story by Aaron J. Sams (2017-01-10)

On the first day of U2 Christmas…

Tomorrow the presales will start for U2.Com members for U2’s The Joshua Tree 2017 tour, which was first hinted at on Christmas day. We wanted to pull together some basic things you can do TODAY, before the presales start. Just a few things that might make your day tomorrow a little easier.

1. Read the FAQ at from start to finish.
2. Find the link to the tours page at where the presale links will be listed tomorrow.
3. Take a look at some of our questions and answers we gathered throughout the day yesterday and are continuing to update today.
4. Find out what time it is in the city you are buying tickets for. Presales open at 9am their time in most cases, not your own time. If you type “What time is it in …?” into Google, you should get an answer.
5. Check your credit card balances to be sure you have enough money aside for these sales. If buying in a foreign currency figure out how much things will cost.
6. If you think the purchase will be flagged as a suspicious one, you may want to call your credit card company to advise them in advance.
7. Check to make sure your presale code is available at – don’t wait for an email. You will see it here and here.
8. While you are loggged in check what code you have – if it says U2JTA its Red Hills and you can enter the presale tomorrow. If it says U2JTB its Wires and you enter the presale the next day. If you look at this page at it should also list what group you are in.
9. Log in to Ticketmaster (or Ticketone if in Italy) and check your account information. Is your name and address updated? Are your credit cards current? Are you using the right Ticketmaster for the country you are buying in?
10. Review the ticket limits for your presale. They will cancel orders if they find you going over ticket limits in some cases.
11. Remember to give your loved ones a hug during this difficult time – if they are not u2 fans like yourself they may be having a rough day.
12. Don’t forget to breathe.

There you have it. Twelve things to do on the first day of U2 Christmas. We wish everyone participating in the presale tomorrow and the following days good luck and hope there are many reports of happy fans tomorrow.

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