Joshua Tree Tour 2017: Questions and Answers: Regular Sale Edition

Original Story by Staff (2017-01-14)

During the last week we maintained a document listing information for the presales being held through and Ticketmaster. With those sales now over, we’ve included some questions and answers below that pertain to the regular sales starting next week. For our original article with information about the presales please visit here.

Overall Information

  • Regular sales start on January 16, 2017 for Europe. (Monday)
  • Regular sales start on January 17, 2017 for North America. (Tuesday)
  • U2 is also headlining the Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival in Manchester TN, tickets for that event are already on sale at
  • Sales will be through Ticketmaster in most locations. was used in Italy for the presale. was used in Spain for the presale.
  • When the regular sale starts, only one show per city will be on sale. It is not unusual in popular markets for a second show to be added while the ticket sales are ongoing. It is not known whether any such added shows will have presales, or if they will go on sale immediately. In the past both has happened.
  • All links for sale sites will be typically listed at, after the presales have ended.
  • We are maintaining a calendar of onsale times here. Check to see what time each sale will start in your local time zone.

Europe Information

  • The regular sales start on January 16, 2017 for European dates, with public onsale times expected to start at 10am for most cities, but Dublin and London will start at 9am. View those times in your own time zone here.
  • We have compiled a full map of all European Venues here:
  • Age limits have been posted for some European venues restricting access to the GA area on the floor to those over 14, see venue specific information below.
  • In Europe some venues are offering a variety of ticket options including electronic (sent to your handheld, and need to be shown at the door), print at home (you print the tickets off and bring them to the show), ticket delivery, and some venues offered a special collector ticket with a barcode that is scanned when arriving at the venue. Some of our readers are reporting that they have had issues with collectors tickets getting scanned properly in the past, so perhaps something to consider when making your decision.
  • Pricing for Europe varies per venue depending on processing and delivery fees, but most shows have base prices ranging from 35 – 280 Euro for seats (Four Price Levels) with General Admission on the floor being at 70 Euro.

North America Information

  • The regular sales start on January 17, 2017 for North American dates, with public onsale times expected at 10am local time for most cities. View those times in your own time zone here.
  • We have compiled a full map of North American Venues here:
  • In North America, all GA floor tickets are paperless, and tied to the credit card you use to purchase. You must swipe the credit card the day of the show to gain entrance to the show. ID may also be required. The exception appears to be Foxborough, which was offering an option for ticket delivery during the presale.
  • Pricing for North America varies per venue, but most shows have base prices ranging from 35 – 280 dollars for seats (Four Price Levels) with general Admission on the floor being at 70 dollars.

Venue Specific Notes:

  • Brussels shows that the stage is oriented in a different way than in all other European stadiums.
  • The special limited edition “collectors tickets” were available for Amsterdam, Paris, Berlin, Rome and Dublin. They were not available for London in the presale, but we are told they will be available in the general sale.

Questions and Answers:

Is there a ticket Limit for these shows?

  • A Live Nation press release lists that there will be a 6 ticket limit during the public sales.
  • A Live Nation press release lists “There will be a 4 ticket limit for subscriber presales”.
  • If you bought tickets in the pre-sale and want to buy more in the general sale, you could have difficulties if you go over the ticket limit, and using a different means of payment is recommended.
Where do I find out more info about the tour?

Why The Joshua Tree?

  • There are a number of articles being written about this tour which address some of this:
  • Irish Times article by Brian Boyd
  • Rolling Stone article by Andy Greene with an interview with The Edge
  • Adam Clayton appeared on RTE with Ryan Turbridy this morning to discuss the tour. Audio available at the link. (Look for the Adam Clayton mention)

Will they play the entire album?

  • Adam said they want to play every track off of the album.
  • He said until they get it rehearsed they will not know if it is sequential or in pieces.
  • He also said “There will be other material in the show, because The Joshua Tree album was 45 minutes. I would imagine there will be some songs that existed on the Songs of Innocence show which lead us up to the Joshua Tree, and then i think that will be performed at some point in the show, and then there will be something after it to herald the future and where we are going with Songs of Experience.”

What is the configuration for the Tour?

  • The tour will have a General Admission floor for Europe and North America. A Live Nation press release states “Tickets will be general admission on the floor and reserved seating in the stands.”
  • A special Red Zone will be to one side of the catwalk.
  • In most venues the seats directly behind the stage are greyed out, and do not appear that they will be sold. This suggests that the view may be blocked from those seats.
  • Listings for Croke Park also list “Gold Hot Tickets”, “Silver Hot Tickets” and “VIP Travel Packages” see below for more information.
  • A seat map for Croke Park in Dublin provides additional information:

Some additional info from for the Croke shows:

- Pitch standing access is as per assigned entry route on tickets only.
- No under 16's will be allowed on the pitch unless accompanied by an adult. Standing tickets only available to persons aged 14 and over.
- All under 16's entering the stadium to be accompanied by Parent or Guardian.
- Upper Levels are quite High, Please do not purchase these if you suffer from Vertigo.
- No queuing will be permitted prior to gates opening.

What are these Silver and Gold packages? “Silver and Gold”? Get it?

  • From Ticketmaster Belgium: Gold Hot Ticket Package includes a top priced seated ticket to see U2 live. A commemorative U2 tour laminate and lanyard. Merchandise item designed exclusively for package purchasers and designated check-In with our on-site event staff. For Belgium these are listed at 310.00 EUR.
  • From Ticketmaster: Silver Hot Ticket Package includes a seated ticket in second price level to see U2 live. A commemorative U2 tour laminate and lanyard. Merchandise item designed exclusively for package purchasers and designated check-In with our on-site event staff. For Belgium these are listed at 215.00 EUR.
  • From Ticketmaster: VIP Party Package includes: One top priced seated ticket to see U2 live. Pre-show party in venue close to the stadium. Pre-show dinner in informal setting with complimentary drinks. Cloakroom (pre-show only). Commemorative U2 tour laminate and lanyard. Merchandise item designed exclusively for package purchasers. Designated check-in with our on-site event staff. Private toilet and exclusive bar (pre-show only) and a reserved parking ticket for surrounding parking lots (1 per 2 persons). These packages for Belgium are listed at 465.00 EUR.
  • All pricing is without delivery fees and payment fees according to the Ticketmaster Belgium site.

Who are the opening acts?

  • In North America the duties will be shared between Mumford and Sons, The Lumineers and One Republic.
  • Mumford & Sons will open in Vancouver, Seattle, San Francisco. The Lumineers will open in Los Angeles, Houston, Dallas, Chicago, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Washington, Toronto, Boston, and East Rutherford. One Republic will open in Miami, Tampa and Cleveland.
  • There will be one opening act per night in North America as currently listed.
  • In Europe the opening act for all current listed shows is Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds.

What if I have physical difficulties that limit my access to the shows?

  • In the past we’ve recommended that people facing any sort of issues, from blindness, to insulin pumps to seek information from the venue in advance of the concert. Each venue is likely to have their own individual ways to answer these questions, and different procedures and policies, so in these cases it is always best to talk to the venue direct, and in advance of buying tickets if possible.

Can everyone be on the GA Floor?

  • In Brussels, Belgium, the ticketmaster website is listing a limitation on the age of people on the floor. Under 12’s are recommended to buy a seat. Young children are NOT allowed on the standing floor, which also includes the (RED) Zone Package.
    Under 16’s who prefer the standing floor, including the (RED) Zone Package, MUST be accompanied by an adult in possession of a valid ticket in the same price level. (They do not define “young”)
  • In London the GA floor is limited to persons over the age of 14.
  • In Dublin they list “No under 16’s will be allowed on the pitch unless accompanied by an adult. Standing tickets only available to persons aged 14 and over.”

What is this paperless entry in North America?

  • Starting with 2015 U2 has been using a system of paperless entry for the General Admission floor.
  • This system uses your credit card as your entry to the show. You go to the entry point, and they scan your credit card, and you and everyone entering with you have to go in together. If you bought four tickets, and only three of you are there to go in, you must wait for the fourth before being scanned.
  • If your credit card used to buy tickets is lost or stolen you should contact Ticketmaster ASAP to have the tickets moved onto a new credit card. If your card is renewed, you can keep your old card and use that for entry.
  • Some venues would print out hard tickets, but only on the day of the show, not in advance.

What is a Collector Ticket?

  • Advertisements are now appearing on Ticketmaster in Ireland advertising a Collector Ticket.
  • This is an add on when you buy your ticket. For an additional 5.95 Euro you can add on a special “Collector Ticket” which will allow you access through the barcode on the ticket.
  • The following image was included with the advertisement but mentions the artwork may change:

  • These collectors tickets have started showing up for the France shows. See one of them here on twitter.

What is the full list of shows?

  • At the time of the announcement the following list of shows was announced. Stay tuned to for further announcements:

Is that all the shows?

  • That’s all the shows listed for now. But expect more to be added as tickets go on sale.
  • Most European cities were rumoured to be getting two shows, but at this time only one has been announced for each city.
  • In North America some cities may get single shows, it is expected that Vancouver for instance will be a single show in that city.
  • U2 has also announced they are playing Bonnaroo this year. That date has not been confirmed. The full Bonnaroo announcement will be Wednesday morning at 8am (Tennessee local time)

The video announcement of the tour can be viewed on YouTube.

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