Mapping Record Store Day

Original Story by Aaron J. Sams / Harry Kantas (2017-04-21)

Record Store Day is officially here. Today, U2’s single “Red Hill Mining Town” was issued worldwide for Record Store Day. The single contains the same new version of the song on the A-Side and B-Side of the vinyl. A special insert was produced for the UK market, an 8 page booklet which is approximately 12-inches high and 8.5-inches wide. The booklet includes quotes from Dave Fanning, an interview with Steve Averill and lots of images from the album, as well as a couple of mentions of “Indian Summer Sky.” The booklet was limited to 1500 copies, and although most of those are distributed in the UK limited numbers were sent to Germany and the Netherlands. There are reports that small quantities are showing up in some USA shops. The booklet is hand numbered.

For a look at the interior contents of the booklet, our friends at U2Tour.De have multiple images of the inside of the booklet (English at the end).

During the last Record Store Day event that was held where U2 had a release, we started tracking where that release was purchased, and plotting it on a map. This year we are doing the same thing. The current live map can be seen at – it’s available now and already has a number of entries!!

In 2015 the map looked similar to the one below. You can see the original interactive map in our news directory, here.

We are planning on doing the same thing with the new release today, of “Red Hill Mining Town” on vinyl. This one is not numbered so that will reduce the information we are looking for, but it is still limited to 7000 copies, and we think it will be fun to see where the single finds an eventual home.

This year the way to send in your information is easy. In all cases, feel free to send a photo of your copy of the release. We may do something fun with the photos if we receive enough. Please make sure you have your copy purchased, and in your possession before submitting information. We’d like to track copies that have actually been purchased!


There are three different methods to send your information in:

  • Tweet us at u2songs, and send us the City, State or Province in the US or Canada, and the Country. Please tag these with #U2RHMTMap as well so we can find them.
  • Send us a direct message at our Facebook group, listing a user name you would like displayed, City, State or Province in the US or Canada, and the Country. We will send a brief response to let you know we received your method if you send this way.
  • Email us at contact [at], listing a user name you would like displayed, City, State or Province in the US or Canada, and the Country.


Please use the methods above to contact us, but also please include the number of your insert.

Over the next 24 hours we should start to populate the map and will let you know where the map will be available. We would prefer to have the final location of your vinyl, rather than where it was purchased. Let us know where the vinyl will find a home.

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