Songs of Experience Format Details

Original Story by Aaron J. Sams (2017-10-21)

As expected, details of U2’s new release Songs of Experience, were communicated to select retailers yesterday and some details about the different formats that will be available have started to become known. At this time it looks like there will be four formats which will be available to purchase in physical formats. A more formal announcement of the album is still expected, and could happen next week. At this time some of the listings for the vinyl have started to show on international Amazon sites. We are told that the track listing WAS NOT communicated yesterday.

Offerings on CD

There are two editions on CD listed, a single CD version with no subtitle, and a single CD version labeled as a “Deluxe Edition”. Both are listed as single disc editions. The regular version is set to retail around 19 Euro, and the deluxe edition around 21 Euro from the initial information we’ve seen. The regular CD will be released in a traditional jewel case packaging. The deluxe edition on CD will be released in a custom packaging, and will contain additional songs beyond those included on the regular edition.

Offerings on Vinyl

There are also two versions on vinyl listed, a regular vinyl version with two 12-inch discs, and a “Extra-Deluxe Box” version on vinyl which will contain three 12-inch records. The regular edition is set to retail around 32 Euro, and the deluxe box is set to retail around 43 Euro from the initial information we have seen. The regular edition will be pressed on 180 gram vinyl, and will be released in a picture sleeve. The Extra Deluxe box will be released in a bespoke box to hold all three vinyl. This pressing will also be on 180 gram vinyl. We are told there will be additional tracks on the Extra Deluxe Vinyl box, above and beyond those tracks that are on the deluxe CD edition. The deluxe vinyl is now listed on Amazon in Italy for 43.03 Euro.


Digital versions will be available at the usual retailers, with a deluxe and regular version being available.

Release Date

The release date for these releases is being reported as December 1, 2017 on the information that retailers have received. This is the same date that has been rumoured for some time for this album release, and that we shared back in June of this year.

Tour Information

Although nothing has been formally announced yet, the website used by Interscope for promotion in the USA has been updated as of yesterday to include a new line of information for the U2 entry:

“Nationwide HEADLINE TOUR: 2018”

Prior to this week that information was not part of that information page. Interscope is the USA label, and information provided on that page refers to the USA territory, so “nationwide” in this case would refer to a tour of North America. As they are responsible for the US, they may not mention dates outside the USA even if they had information on them. See the image below for the page as it is visible now:

IMAGE: Interscope Promotional Site (October 20, 2017)

Many thanks to Davide for his help.

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