Songs of Experience Extra Deluxe Box

Original Story by Aaron J. Sams (2017-10-30)

[Thank to U2 Argentina – Official on Facebook for information that has contributed to this article.]

Songs of Innocence Extra Deluxe Edition

We are now able to show you images from the Extra Deluxe Box set, that we first told you about last week. The box, we were told, would contain three discs, we assumed vinyl because it was listed as a vinyl box set, but it appears that instead from the photo, it maybe two vinyl and a CD.

The two vinyl are blue in colour. The album’s 12 tracks will be spread across two vinyl for both the regular vinyl (listed as 2 discs) and for this deluxe version.

The box for the set is a blue / black colour, and features the silhouette of Bono’s son Eli and Edge’s daughter Sian holding hands printed in white. Also included in the set is some sort of paper with a “Songs of Experience” header, and a headline below it that says ‘This is No Time Not to be Alive’. It appears from the photo that a poster is also included, featuring Sian by herself as she appears on the cover of “You’re The Best Thing About Me”. The CD shown in the photograph looks similar to the outer box with the blue black colouration, and the silhouette of Sian and Eli.

Also shown in the photo is a booklet for the CD, and the inner sleeves for the vinyl.

Although nothing has been formally announced through U2.Com yet, this image has appeared on Amazon in Italy, however at a much smaller size, attached to listings for the Extra Deluxe Set.

Of note, the vinyl sleeve and the CD sleeve pictured do not contain the blue / black border that was seen in listings for the deluxe CD listing.

The deluxe box is set to retail at 43 Euro / $50 USD. When Amazon listed the box briefly in Italy last week it was priced at 43.03 Euro.

Many thanks to U2Start.Com and Davide as well, for first sharing the image from Amazon.It this morning:

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