Thief of Your Heart Hits Streaming

Original Story by Aaron J Sams (2024-04-24)

As record labels move towards getting more back catalogs onto streaming services, there was a U2 related release on the weekend that slipped by us. The single “You Made Me the Thief of Your Heart” by Sinead O’Connor got a digital release on the weekend to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the single.

All five songs have been released. This includes the album version, the 7-Inch Edit, the Instrumental Version, the 12-Inch Stained mix, all different versions of the title track. A fifth song “The Father and His Wife the Spirit” was also included on the digital release. The original CD single had not included the album version, and the original 12-Inch had not included the 7-Inch Edit. The single was released at CD-Quality or in compressed versions under the catalog number 0602458883213. The release was made to digital services on April 20, 2024, which was a Saturday, instead of the usual day for new music releases which is Friday worldwide.

The April 20, 2024 release coincided with a special 12-Inch vinyl release of the single for the 30th anniversary (5888310, Universal Music Recordings). The single was reissued on clear vinyl for Record Store Day 2024, which was celebrated on Saturday. For those who are interested shops are now able to list RSD2024 releases online to purchase.

Both songs on the single are co-written by Bono, Gavin Friday and Maurice Seezer and were originally composed for the In the Name of the Father film soundtrack. The song reached #4 in the Irish charts, and #42 in the UK Charts, and #24 in the Alternative Airplay Billboard chart in the US. The song was also nominated for a Golden Globe in 1994.

Bono shared that the song was “the story of a woman killing her lover in order to keep him,” and sharing it was a “14th Century murder ballad.” The song was recorded at STS Studios in Dublin. The room was lit by candle only when Sinead sang, and she arrived at the session carrying a doll to sing to as well as a vase of flowers. “The Father and His Wife the Spirit” was also recorded at the same session.

It does not look like the tracks have been remastered when compared to the UK commercial single and the USA promotional single from 1994. However, the sound levels have been decreased slightly which reduces some issues with clipping due to volume in the original found in a couple of louder spots. Otherwise the mixes sound the same, and run the same time as the previous release.

The single is available on streaming services now. You can listen to all five tracks below. Our original discography entry for the song can be found here. (We will update soon!)

Many thanks to Jason for bringing this one to our attention.

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